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The Latest Scoop on Miami

sole mia miami

Miami has been on the rise, business is booming, the city is growing and expanding more than ever before! Miami natives are seeing how real estate, an emerging tech market, and international growth is changing the face of our city. Read more below to get the latest scoop on Miami.

1. North Miami is Getting One of The Largest Swimming Pools in The World -Curbed Miami

SoLe Mia, the 183 acre, $4 billion megaproject currently under construction on a site that was formerly a toxic waste dump in North Miami will have two artificial turquoise lagoons that are ten acres each, swimmable, and environmentally friendly. Crystal Lagoons, which is providing the technology, says that salt and brackish water can be used in their pools. Their technology allows for less than 1% of the chemicals in a normal pool, 2% of the energy used by a conventional pool’s filter, and loses less water to evaporation than would be required to irrigate a park of the same size. Guinness World Records says that the largest swimming pool in the world is at the San Alfanso Del Mar Resort in Chile (Video), measuring 20 acres and built by the same company. Because the lagoons are separate, SoLe Mia won’t take the world record. However, its’ renderings show it to be a pretty astonishing project. (See below)

sole mia miami

2. Twitter Offices To Open in Brickell -Miami Herald

In a big month for tech in Miami, Twitter announced a new office in the Brickell area. The newly opened office located at 1395 Brickell Ave only has 6 employees but plans to expand very soon. The local team will support large and mid-market sales, media partnerships, marketing, communications and brand strategy. Twitter, with $1.4 billion in revenue in 2014, joins Facebook, Google, Uber, Lyft, Square, Instacart, Postmates, Shyp and other Silicon Valley tech companies with offices in the Miami area.

3. Miami’s Average Rent Rose $80 in 3 Months -Curbed Miami


In May, Zumper reported Miami’s average rent was $1800 a month. Now, for August 2015, the average rent increased to $1880 a month. What’s more, is that the increase occurred during Miami’s ‘slow season’. In the bigger picture, year over year, prices were up sharply, with one bedrooms increasing 10.6% and two bedrooms similarly up 10.9% since last year. Miami hasn’t changed its position since May as the 8th most expensive city in the country to rent.